How to conduct a Workshop

Today the Blog is out of the perspective of Ngugi, 25 from imagine Kenya.

On this day, Friday, we start with our first workshop. The topic we talk about is what different kind of methods exist in each country. How can you organize a group discussion? What energizers are there in Kenya? How do the youth from South Africa conduct their workshops?



What is most interesting for me to see that a combination of the methods from imagine Colombia and imagine South Africa could really work for us back in Kenya. The method from Colombia is very good at provoking the people to talk about the theme (Parloteo, see Blog entry on the Kolumbien-Section) and the method from South Africa gives every member an opportunity to discuss different aspects of the theme. And this will work also in Kenya because it is hard to provoke people from Kenya to start to talk about things that affect them, and with the method from imagine Colombia we get a new angle on how to change that.

Daphne and Xenia

Daphne and Xenia

At the same time, it is hard to have a discussion in Kenya that sticks to the topic for more than two hours. Using the method from South Africa, where people choose the specific topic themselves through posing questions, we are optimistic that this can help us keep our members in Kenya focused in the discussions for more than two hours. We are looking forward to apply those methods back at home.

After the intense but very fruitful workshop, we go to a special place in Basel: the “Drei-Länder-Eck”. For me, it is an amazing and new experience to be in three countries at once. Next to the great experience it is also a reminder, that we are all the same and that borders are more illusions than real boundaries. For me this means that one should not discriminate someone else on the bases of where he or she comes from.

am Drei-Länder-Eck

am Drei-Länder-Eck

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